Here are the Top 5 Things from Freedom V You Need to Know to Be Successful As an Exotic Dancer Tonight!

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Dear fellow or Potential Exotic Dancer:

Hi! This is Rob Richards of, the world's leading Exotic Dancer Educators.

It has taken us along time and considerable effort to get to where we are now and learn everything that our team has put into Freedom V.

I sure wish that someone would have given us Freedom V when our team started exotic dancing so that we wouldn't have had to learn everything inside it ourselves regarding how to make more money as a exotic dancer, or take so much time doing it.

In fact, nobody ever showed or taught our team how to get higher paying clients in the Champagne room, how to leverage ourselves, or most of all, how exotic dancers can follow their true PASSIONS in life so that they worked only because they chose to and not because they had to.


Instead, our team of Exotic Dancers in the beginning had to take the long road and figure it out all by ourselves...

And that isn't even the worst of it!

Once our team started becoming successful at exotic dancing and in business our team started to really pay attention to the kinds of lives the other girls were having and what we saw time and time again, city after city it was the same song and dance.


At first we just ignored it but night after night we kept hearing these same stories in the dressing room:

  • Not being able to pay bills
  • Toxic boyfriends or other "hanger on" people in their lives
  • Not enough time to do the things they want
  • Complaints about being overweight
  • Complaints about their breasts or other features being too small, too big...
  • How they got taken advantage of when buying a house or car by some "slick" salesman.

It goes on and on!

I decided to take my years of business experience and create a system to educate a team of exotic dancers that would help women who needed A SHEPARD to point them in the right direction with their lives.

We learned there was nothing complete out there, a manual, a handbook, anything for the exotic dancer to help guide them to be the best they can be in and out of the club during and after their exotic dancing career is over.


That's when our team of dancers started learning everything they could get their hands on that would help them get where they wanted to be. I taught the dancers to become fascinated, and then obsessed with business and marketing, and part of that entailed surrounding themselves with successful people that they could learn from to get to where they wanted to be even faster.

We finally figured out the "magic bullet" and implemented a "system" that changed Exotic Dancer's mindsets, helped them believe in themselves and their abilities as female entrepreneurs, position themselves as experts, and finally, leverage themselves to the max by creating the right products, services, and turnkey investment strategies so THEY WERE MAKING MONEY WHILE THEY WERE SLEEPING!


 What happened next is the key to everything....

I would always tell the dancers, it's one thing to make a lot of money but still be a slave to your business; it's quite another to only work because you choose to!

This is when things really started to kick into gear for them!

This whole "system" we figured out helped Exotic Dancers grow from generally young women with little social or business skills to becoming Exotic Dancers that makes a ton of money dancing and other simple investment strategies with very little personal involvement at all.

Along the way our team discovered that there was an unfilled need out there because, as exotic dancers, they were never taught much skills on not just how to be good at exotic dancing but how to do the job competently in the first place by the club that hired them!

I thought to myself:

"I know OUR TEAM OF EXOTIC DANCERS WERE not the only dancers out there that were searching for this kind of information."

To take it a step further, what if we combined the large income that exotic dancers make with some simple business, accounting, and other skills. You now will be able to earn way more money with less effort and set yourself up with some passive income streams on subjects that YOU are really PASSIONATE about!

Now this is starting to sound like fun isn't it!

It was almost like magic to check my bank account the first morning after I launched the first book to see how much money I made while I was sleeping! I thought it was a mistake because how do you make money at 4 am while you are in bed? I needed to understand what was happening, why it was happening, and to figure everything out - in a clear and easy to understand manner - and created a "system" to duplicate this success over and over to others!

That "system" allowed dancers all over the world to finally achieve financial wealth and, more importantly, financial FREEDOM… Without knowing it, I created the ultimate "system" just for exotic dancers, to unlock their inner passions and strengths, and fine-tune everything so that they can create a thriving and sustainable business that ultimately runs on autopilot!

Cool Huh?

I and our team refined, perfected and taught this "system" to others and they replicated our success to a tee.

Through our teams' many years of hard work, persistence and passion, we have created the ultimate step-by-step process for taking you from making more money than you've ever made before as an exotic dancer, to ultimate financial freedom.

We have created Freedom V!

Now it's YOUR turn to Duplicate Our Teams'Success!

Do You Work In The Exotic Dancing Industry Or Are You An Exotic Dancer That Would Like To:


  • Make more money immediately
  • Spend more time with your friends, family and loved ones
  • Have more freedom to pursue other hobbies or passions
  • Market yourself better to generate more income
  • Attract a higher end clientele
  • Have more security and steady income stream
  • Leverage yourself to create lasting financial freedom
  • Work only when you choose to not because you have to
  • Build the proper infrastructure so you can create a lasting financial empire based on your true passions and executing PROVEN business strategies.
  • Position yourself as an expert through creating relationships so that you can get more clients easily
  • Figure out what you are most passionate about when it comes to exotic dancing
  • What is Exotic Dancing and Why you should or shouldn't do it.
  • Savvy financial facts like this one: If you are making 40k or 50k a year, you can't afford to keep up with inflation!
  • How to prepare before your Audition!
  • How to establish your image and relationships.
  • The Basics: personality and Anonyminity.
  • Successful marketing: sell those lap dances and VIP rooms!
  • Acquiring and maintaining regular clients!
  • Common faults, myths, & mistakes like these: All Exotic Dancers don't do sexual favors! Nor are they prostitutes!
  • THE FACTS: You and everyone you know eats wrong! Get a Leaner and Meaner you!
  • TIPS From the Experts: The best Workouts in the World to skyrocket your looks!
  • About Plastic Surgery and Aestheticism
  • Your body transforms!!!! What happens as you bruise, heal, and how to remedy soreness!!
  • Why dancing is not for everyone.

Most of all: Are you tired of living a ho-hum life and not reaching your full potential?

Freedom V - Results That Even Surprised Me!

When our team created and perfected Freedom V, we had no idea that it would be as powerful and universal as it has turned out to be!

You see, most exotic dancers don't have everything they need to succeed from point A to point B, or in this case, Step 1: Passion, to Step 5: Preserve.

It's not just about learning how to become an exotic dancer, or how to get them in the VIP or Champagne Room or any of that!

See that's what has taken me years to discover!.

It wasn't until we created each of the steps in Freedom V, worked hard to hone in and perfect them, and then test Freedom V with as many Exotic Dancers as I could find, that I realized I was on to something BIG!

What I have created is absolutely revolutionizing the exotic dancing industry - AND MORE IMPORTANTLY - YOUR LIFE - and will teach you what no one has ever taught you before, in ways that you've never been taught before.

The best part?

It doesn't matter what your skill level as an exotic dancer is or your knowledge about heath and nutrition, sales psychology, financial or investment strategies!

I simply take what you already bring to the table and accelerate your progress!

So What is Freedom V?

It is YOUR guide to financial freedom as an exotic dancer!

  • A PROVEN system designed to accelerate your progress
  • A PROVEN system designed to teach you what you don't know
  • A PROVEN system designed to create IMMEDIATE CASH FLOW above and beyond anything you've ever earned before
  • A PROVEN system designed to propel you to absolute FINANCIAL FREEDOM

Bottom Line: - Our initial frustrations are your gain!

It took us many months to hone in on and perfect what I am presenting to you in an easy to understand and step-by-step format.

In fact, I am so confident that you can duplicate our results and those of everyone our team of Freedom V Trainers have ever taught Freedom V to, that I am offering a ridiculous guarantee for you to try Freedom V risk free (more on that later).

Our true purpose, and the passion that drove us when creating Freedom V, was to help you succeed - in a way that is unique to you - by helping you avoid the mistakes and wasted time that Exotic Dancers all over the world have to go through on their journey.

Why spend years of your life learning what I have already proven?

My knowledge, experience, research, fine-tuning and perfecting of Freedom V is your gain for rapid results that dancers would have given anything for to avoid so much wasted time and effort!

You might ask, Is This Right for Me?

Freedom V is designed for exotic dancers of all learning styles and backgrounds, regardless of your experience, etc.

We created Freedom V with you in mind from start to finish.

Whether you are thinking of becoming an exotic dancer, are a beginner or a seasoned professional that has been dancing for years - or even if you have made some investments or own some real estate- Freedom V is designed to take you from a place of frustration or dissatisfaction with your exotic dancing business --- or maybe you just want more and to achieve your ultimate potential---all the way through to becoming financially free utilizing all the knowledge we will provide to you, and putting it to good use in your career and in your personal life!


Are you an exotic dancer that is wondering why it seems like all the same girls are always going up to the VIP room? "What are they doing that I am not?" Yes, we know how that feels. There's no worse feeling than watching other Exotic Dancers night after night make all of the money while it continues to pass you by.

Freedom V Solution: We'll show you how to develop your ultimate Exotic Dancer Persona, Learn the secrets of sales psychology that will blow your mind, I'll tell you how to shape your body to stand out above all the rest, and give you that extra winning "edge" that you won't find anywhere else.

I'll also show you many immediate steps you need to take to make more money while working less. With Freedom V you'll leverage yourself even further to create lasting financial wealth and prosperity. And do all of this without compromising your soul or your moral values!

Are you an exotic dancer or just any female that would like to maybe lose that last tough 5-10lbs and really get rid of the fat in those "stubborn areas? You always start out somewhere. I simply wish that someone would have told me many years ago what I will show you in Freedom V to cut out years of wasted effort!

Freedom V Solution: I'll show you the exact steps that you need to take to blast those extra pounds! And become a lean, mean, fitnessmachine if you are simply willing to listen to what I have to say and apply it in your life daily!

We take pride in excellence and in the fitness program that I am offering, called POWER. It is better than 99% of the JUNK out there that has lead you with a lot of hype without results. Your body IS your business, so by the time you POWER through our fitness and diet section your results will bring in IMMEDIATE cash flow!

Are you new to exotic dancing or thinking about becoming an exotic dancer full or part time and have no idea where to start? The good news is that we've coached all kinds of folks, even ones that weren't sure if they really wanted to be an exotic dancer yet, on what steps you need to take before making such a vital decision in your life.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find the time or the proper place to step out on a limb and follow your true passions when it comes to the hustle and bustle of life.

Freedom V Solution: Don't worry! I'll take you through a step-by-step process for figuring out what direction you should take - and if being an exotic dancer is even possibly one of your true passions in life - so that you set yourself up for immediate success right from the beginning and lay the foundation for a prosperous career and financial future when you do decide to become an exotic dancer.

Whether dancing is one of your passions or if it is just the vehicle you choose as a means to an end, I will show you how to get where you want to be in a fraction of the time it would take in any other industry!

Are you an experienced exotic dancer that has or will save over $100,000 and do not know where to invest the money? One of the worst things is feeling like you have tons of cash lying around burning a hole in your pocket!

Freedom V Solution: I'll show you all of the ways to manage, invest, and set yourself up for LASTING financial freedom, all while increasing your short-term nightly and hourly income at the same time. There are so many financial vultures out there that want to take advantage of your money. YOU need to be educated on what to do with it and how to capitalize THE MOST on your assets! After all, if you are making $40-$50k per year you can't afford to keep up with inflation! So get smart and sustain wealth with our Freedom V so that you can retire young enough to enjoy it!

Are you a exotic dancer or a female whom is considering breast augmentation or any other form of plastic surgery?

The worse thing in the world is to get a bad surgeon or a bad job that you have to live with!

Freedom V Solution: We will show you the ins and outs of the plastic surgery industry, myths and truths, and help you to decide if having surgery is a route you should take.  Our team have been intimately exposed to this industry for many years, so I will give you insider access to all of the tools you need to find the best surgeons, their qualifications, and give you the resources to research any surgery that you are curious about and everything it will entail, including recovery time.

Warning:You've probably heard me say this before:

Freedom V is NOT for everyone! It's only for the top 10% of exotic dancers that are ready to take their quality of life to the next level.

Freedom V is for those that are sick and tired of living a mediocre lifestyle when they know they could be doing so much better for themselves.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I an action taker that sees the value of investing in myself in order to learn what I don't know and get to where I want to be?
  • Do I want to accelerate my progress, go beyond the status quo and reach a higher level of success and fulfillment both in my personal training business and my life?
  • Am I hungry and passionate for something more?

Above all:

  • Am I sick and tired of not being financially free to be able to do what I want, when I want and with whom I want?
  • Am I looking for a way to increase my exotic dancing income RIGHT NOW?
  • Am I looking for ways to work less and regain my quality of life doing what I am most passionate about?

If you answered yes to all of these questions:  Then I created Freedom V just for you!

What You'll Learn In Freedom V:

Step 1 - PASSION

What Is Exotic Dancing?

It all starts Right Here, where you will Discover Your Passion and develop your plan to live it! Learn how Exotic Dance is a business like any other, and how YOU can be successful at it If You Want To.

Step 2 - PREPARE

The Whole Package

Take Action! Create your Persona as an Exotic Dancer - or if you'd rather work in another area of the Gentlemen's Club Industry. Learn everything you must know to prepare your image, your approach, and your attitude for Success as a Professional Exotic Dancer.

Step 3 - POWER

Transform Your Body

Take Action! Personalize your diet, exercise and anything else you need to create a sexier body than you ever imagined you could! Build your body beyond your wildest dreams, and learn how to Make Your Body Your Business.


The Rules Of Advanced Marketing Psychology

Take Action! Become a Professional Exotic Dancer by learning core business skills, advanced marketing psychology, and inner-circle tricks of the trade you will Never Get Anywhere Else! At this point you should have a higher income than ever before ! Understand the core of Marketing Psychology as it applies to the Gentlemen's Club Industry.


Advanced Techniques To Long-Term Financial Success

Take Action! Create Sustainable Wealth for LIFE! Follow the step-by-step program outlined here for managing your income and expenses, and understanding how to make your Money work for YOU. All About Money: How to Make It, Keep It, and Perpetuate Passive Income Automatically.

Nomatter what your learning style is we've got you covered.  There are 3 versions of Freedom V to choose from!

1.  The Freedom V™ Digital Only Encyclopedia – FOR  IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD TO GET STARTED RIGHT AWAY!

The Freedom V™ Encyclopedia (Normally priced at $197) is for the Exotic Dancer who wants to make more money in the club TONIGHT.  This STRIPPING BIBLE is in texbook format and has everything you will ever want to know about how to have a profitable career with more than 411 pages, divided into separate sections with lots of pictures, case studies, chapter overviews, take-aways, resources for further learning, and worksheets. The Freedom V Encyclopedia is available for digital download in PDF INSTANTANEOUSLY!

For a Limited Time!
Price: $197 Now $97 



The Freedom V™ Media Kit (Normally priced at $197 and now sold for $97) for EXOTIC DANCERS that are visually or audibly stimulated. AND FOR THOSE THAT DON’T LIKE TO READ! Here we have not only all five steps of our Freedom V on AUDIO MP3, but we also have VIDEOS of everything too! So whether you like to listen on your mobile device, in your car, or watch videos on TV or your computer, we have everything available for digital download. This also includes our Freedom V Workbook so that you can print out the high quality color worksheets, follow along and take notes.  

For a Limited Time!
Price: $197 Now $97 

3.  The Freedom V™ Full Print and Digital Program, dancers and even CLUB OWNERS – GET IT ALL RIGHT HERE!

Here is EVERYTHINGYOU AND YOUR CLUB NEEDS TO EDUCATE A SUCCESSFUL TEAM OF EXOTIC DANCERS that will bring back regular, high value clientele again and again. The Encyclopedia, The Media Kit, and Champagne Every Night are all included plus free shipping and handling right to your door!  VOLUME DISCOUNTS FOR MULTIPLE DANCERS AND CLUBS AVAILABLE.

For a Limited Time!
Price: $997 Now $497

The Freedom V™ Print and Digital Program Includes:

  • Freedom V™ Resources Guide
  • Freedom V™ Encyclopedia Print Hard Copy Binder and Online Digital PDF's
  • Freedom V™ Media Kit with DVD and Audio Hard Copy CD's and their Digital Online Files
  • Champagne Every Night Printed Hard Copy
  • FREE Shipping and Handling Right To Your Door!



It's Time To Take Action!

I've given you everything we have ever learned, perfected and taught to others in one step-by-step system that will enable you to completely turn around your exotic dancing business and reach your true destination in life.

Countless women have already become financially free using Freedom V and the Freedom V System has proven time and time again that the teachings in Freedom V are universal in nature. At this point, there's really nothing left for me to say, other than:

Now it's YOUR turn!  Click "Get Instant Access" below to Go to the Portal where You Can Purchase YOUR preferred version of Freedom V Today!