If You're Ready for more Success and Power as an Exotic Dancer, Join The Newly Released Champagne Inner Circle Today! With No Recurring Monthly Fees!

We're going to rock your world with new strategies for building and maintaining high value clientelle at YOUR club - as this business environment of exotic dance is always changing. 

To stay on your A game and take advantage of the years you have to dance and make money, stay tuned as we will go in depth about:

  • sales psychology  
  • marketing
  • how men think
  • how to sell VIPs
  • how to sell multiple lap dances
  • how to build and maintain regulars  
  • how to prevent guys from asking you out too early  
  • how to handle customers and other dancers and staff
  • safety and self defense
  • monetary survival skills
  • How to increase your income substantially
  • How to have a better body and have a better attitude of excitement and vigor when you go into work.
  • How to surround yourself with likeminded female entrepreneurs who can help you on your journey through the gentlemen's club industry and beyond, when you decide to hang up the high heels.
  • and so much more that I don't want to waste your time talking about it!  I'm going to show you…


In the meantime - invite other ladies to join us as we are always welcoming new members of this elite Champagne Inner Circle in what we like to call the.... 

  • "Pole Side Chat Forum." This is our forum where other highly skilled and like-minded dancers will be discussing key points about issues and current trends in the industry. 
  • We've even included some Freedom V materials inside as an added bonus - what would normally cost you just under $500 to have access to is now included in the Champagne Inner Circle so that you can kick this economy to the curb and get going with your successful lifestyle!

You might ask, "Is This Right for Me?"

The Champagne Inner Circle is designed for exotic dancers of all learning styles and backgrounds, regardless of your experience.  I created the Inner Circle with you in mind from start to finish.

Whether you are thinking of becoming an exotic dancer, are a beginner or a seasoned professional that has been dancing for years - or even if you have made some investments or own some real estate...

...The Champagne Inner Circle is designed to take you from a place of frustration or dissatisfaction with your exotic dancing business --- or maybe you just want more and to achieve your ultimate potential --- all the way through to becoming financially free utilizing all the knowledge I will provide to you, and putting it to good use in your career and in your personal life!

  • Are you an exotic dancer that is wondering why it seems like all the same girls are always going up to the VIP room? "What are they doing that I am not?" 

Yep, I know how that feels. There's no worse feeling than watching other Exotic Dancers night after night make all of the money while it continues to pass you by.

Solution: I'll show you how to develop your ultimate Exotic Dancer Persona, Learn the secrets of sales psychology that will blow your mind, I'll tell you how to shape your body to stand out above all the rest, and give you that extra winning "edge" that you won't find anywhere else.  

I'll also show you many immediate steps you need to take to make more money while working less. With parts of Freedom V contained inside the inner circle, you'll leverage yourself even further to create lasting financial wealth and prosperity. And do all of this without compromising your soul or your moral values!


  • Are you an exotic dancer or just any female that would like to maybe lose that last tough 5-10lbs and really get rid of the fat in those "stubborn areas? You always start out somewhere. I simply wish that someone would have told me many years ago what I will show you in Freedom V to cut out years of wasted effort!

Solution: I'll show you the exact steps that you need to take to blast those extra pounds! You can become a lean, mean, fitness machine if you are simply willing to listen to what I have to say and apply it in your life daily!

I take pride in excellence and in the fitness program that I am offering . It is better than 99% of the CRAP out there that has lead you with a lot of hype without results. Your body IS your business, so by the time you POWER through our fitness and diet section your results will bring in IMMEDIATE cash flow!

  • Are you new to exotic dancing or thinking about becoming an exotic dancer full or part time and have no idea where to start? The good news is that I've coached all kinds of folks, even ones that weren't sure if they really wanted to be an exotic dancer yet, on what steps you need to take before making such a vital decision in your life.

Solution: Don't worry! I'll take you through a step-by-step process for figuring out what direction you should take - and if being an exotic dancer is even possibly one of your true passions in life... that you set yourself up for immediate success right from the beginning and lay the foundation for a prosperous career and financial future when you do decide to become an exotic dancer.

Whether dancing is one of your passions or if it is just the vehicle you choose as a means to an end, I will show you how to get where you want to be in a fraction of the time it would take in any other industry!


  • Are you an experienced exotic dancer that has or will save over $100,000 and do not know where to invest the money? One of the worst things is feeling like you have tons of cash lying around burning a hole in your pocket!

Solution: I'll show you all of the ways to manage, invest, and set yourself up for LASTING financial freedom, all while increasing your short-term nightly and hourly income at the same time. There are so many financial vultures out there that want to take advantage of your money.  

YOU need to be educated on what to do with it and how to capitalize THE MOST on your assets! After all, if you are making $40-$50k per year you can't afford to keep up with inflation! So get smart and sustain wealth with our Freedom V so that you can retire young enough to enjoy it!

  • Are you a exotic dancer or a female who is considering breast augmentation or any other form of plastic surgery?  The worst thing in the world is to get a bad surgeon or a bad job that you have to live with!

Solution: I will show you the ins and outs of the plastic surgery industry, myths and truths, and help you to decide if having surgery is a route you should take. I have been intimately exposed to this industry for many years... I will give you insider access to all of the tools you need to find the best surgeons, their qualifications, and give you the resources to research any surgery that you are curious about and everything it will entail, including recovery time.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find the time or the proper place to step out on a limb and follow your true passions when it comes to the hustle and bustle of life.   

You need a coach, a mentor that is personally interested in YOU.  Let me help you - through the Champagne Inner Circle and access to me and other elite strippers around the world - to have the life you've always dreamt of!

  • You'll see the tabs in the navigation bar filled with topics you need to know, from getting started, fitness, dancewear, sales psychology, money management and our Poleside Chat Forum
  • Everything you need to know as an exotic dancer and business owner is contained inside - so feel free to browse - and don't forget to make comments and ask questions!  I or another experienced dancer will personally respond to you!


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